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Implementation of an API compatible server for the `emojitrack-streamer-spec` in Go
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Implementation of an API compatible server for
the Emojitracker Streaming API Specification in Go.


This was oriiginally my first major Go project, so there may potentially still
be some silly stuff left in the code here. Please feel encouraged to send pull
requests or line comments even for idiomatic syntax issues when accompanied with
an explanation that will help me learn!

Pipeline Flow

Goroutines and channels make it just too much fun to think about things as flow
diagrams. This is the essential pipeline for information flow in the main()
function for the program.

Package sseserver

This program doesn't actually do too much beyond the pipeline flow above, as all
of the SSE/HTTP server logic has been extracted into a handy modular package
that should be usable for any generic SSE broadcasting. For that stuff, delve
into the (freely licensed!) sseserver

Is it any fast?


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