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docker run --name=gerrit-data -v /data busybox true

You need to have 2 running containers, one for ldap, one for tuleap.

This image expects you to have a container named tuleap to run all Tuleap actions
and one container running a LDAP server named ldap.

Run these containers in the same network or if you use a deprecated version of Docker,
create a link between them:
docker run -ti --rm=true --name=gerrit --link ldap:ldap --link tuleap:tuleap -e GERRIT_SERVER_NAME=tuleap_gerrit_1.tuleap-aio-dev.docker --volumes-from=gerrit-data enalean/gerrit-tuleap

On gerrit

  • Generate http password
  • Set gerrit permissions

On Tuleap:

  • execute the setup script
  • add gerrit admin entry with http password and ssh key dumped at run
  • process system events (dump ssh key)
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