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Tuleap is the #1 Open Source tool for easier software development, issue tracking & agile management
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Deploy a Tuleap inside a docker container

More info about Tuleap on

How to use it?

First run:

$> docker volume create --name tuleap-data
$> docker run -ti -e VIRTUAL_HOST=localhost -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 22:22 -v tuleap-data:/data enalean/tuleap-aio

Will run the container, just open http://localhost and enjoy!

You can get the site administrator credentials to log in the first time with:

$> docker exec -ti <container_name> cat /data/root/.tuleap_passwd

On other, regular runs:

$> docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 22:22 -v tuleap-data:/data enalean/tuleap-aio

Known issues

  • SELinux stuff seems not behaving well (raises errors on docker build)
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a day ago

Can't start the container. Asks mysql password on docker run -ti -e VIRTUAL_HOST=localhost -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -p 22:22 -v tuleap-data:/data enalean/tuleap-aio

3 months ago

I had a problem of mail confirmation. the message that was affiched was (Le mail n'a pas été envoyé. Veuillez contacter l'administrateur. Son adresse mail est la suivante : codendi-admin@x.x.x.x)

4 months ago

The issues with :9.5 tag (corresponding to :latest during march) are fixed. Either pull :lastest or :9.6. You will need to remove the data container & the previous tuleap-aio container as well first.

4 months ago

I can not use the latest image to build the system.

The error is 'egrep: /etc/tuleap/conf/ No such file or directory'

I check that the directory do not exist. I think some steps about the ‘/etc/tuleap’ are wrong.

Is anyone can help me?

7 months ago

7 months ago

On mail issues.
You can ssh into the docker container and setup ssmtp. I did that and was able to send mail out through an SMTP server.

see -

Following this seems to work.

8 months ago

No news about the possibility of sending emails ?
It's nice to have tuleap installed but it's pretty worthless if we can't use it :s

9 months ago

There is still an error with the mails. No mail = no registration. No registration = impossible to connect. Impossible to connect = useless.

10 months ago


Please install Mysql-python in Dockerfile
"yum install MySQL-python"
to avoid erro when accessing SVN tree

a year ago

While I'm having the same error about postfix crashing, I got around that by sticking with one container and just starting it as opposed to running it each time. Not the best solution, but enough for a demo.

The problem I'm next having is creating new users inside Tuleap. When I do so, it asks me for the email address, then tries to confirm it by sending an email. How do I allow emails to be sent from the docker container?