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a docker image to run tuleap karma tests
Full Description

Docker image to execute Tuleap Karma tests

How to use

In order to execute tests, all you have to do is to execute this command:

$ docker run --rm --security-opt seccomp=seccomp_chrome.json \
    -v $PWD:/sources:ro enalean/tuleap-test-karma \
    --path PathToFolderContainingPackageJsonFile

You need to have defined npm run test that runs unit tests.
It is expected that all dependencies have been downloaded and built if necessary
before launching the tests. This Docker image will not take care of the download/
build step.

If you use a JUnit reporter, it is expected the outputDir is configurable
through the environnement variable REPORT_OUTPUT_FOLDER.

Use with your CI

Please, be sure that your karma configuration returns a file called test-results.xml
that can be found in PathToFolderContainingPackageJsonFile. The test-results.xml
file will be put in the folder /output once the tests are executed.


$ docker run --security-opt seccomp=seccomp_chrome.json \
    -name karma-tests-runner \
    -v $PWD:/sources:ro enalean/tuleap-test-karma \
    --path PathToFolderContainingPackageJsonFile
$ docker cp karma-tests-runner:/output/test-results.xml .
$ docker rm -v karma-tests-runner
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