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Benchmarks Docker image

Currently available types of benchmarks:

  • Apache2 with keep-alive (ab1)
  • Apache2 (ab2)
  • MySQL read-only (mysql1)
  • MySQL (mysql2)
  • IO read-only (io1)
  • IO write-read (io2)
  • CPU by calculating prime numbers (cpu)
  • dacapo, variaty of benchmarks (dacapo)


    $ sudo docker run -e BENCH=ab1 -e CL=5 -e NR=1000 \
                    -e HOST= \
                    -e WEBSITE=index.html \ 

Arguments to pass:

  • BENCH - type of benchmark
  • CL - concurrency level
  • NR - number of requests
  • HOST - client's hostname
  • PORT - client's port
  • TIME - benchmark time limit
  • REQUESTS - benchmark random requests limit
  • SIZE - benchmark size
  • READONLY - indicates if benchmark is read-only
  • THREADS - benchmark thread limit
  • WEBSITE - client's website address
  • CMD - benchmark command to execute. Possible options you can find on project's site
  • COUNT - number of consecutive benchmarks


    $ docker pull endrjuskr/benchmarks

Supported dacapo tests

Test name Description Is supported?
avrora simulates a number of programs run on a grid of AVR microcontrollers x
batik produces a number of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images based on the unit tests in Apache Batik
eclipse executes some of the (non-gui) jdt performance tests for the Eclipse IDE x
fop takes an XSL-FO file, parses it and formats it, generating a PDF file. x
h2 executes a JDBCbench-like in-memory benchmark, executing a number of transactions against a model of a banking application, replacing the hsqldb benchmark x
jython inteprets a the pybench Python benchmark x
luindex Uses lucene to indexes a set of documents; the works of Shakespeare and the King James Bible x
lusearch Uses lucene to do a text search of keywords over a corpus of data comprising the works of Shakespeare and the King James Bible x
pmd analyzes a set of Java classes for a range of source code problems x
sunflow renders a set of images using ray tracing x
tomcat runs a set of queries against a Tomcat server retrieving and verifying the resulting webpages x
tradebeans runs the daytrader benchmark via a Jave Beans to a GERONIMO backend with an in memory h2 as the underlying database x
tradesoap runs the daytrader benchmark via a SOAP to a GERONIMO backend with in memory h2 as the underlying database x
xalan transforms XML documents into HTML x
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