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Ubuntu 14.10 compatible with Cadence Incisive 14.10 VSP (Experimental)
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This is not officially supported by Cadence Design Systems, Inc.

This repo is intended to provide a compatible Ubuntu 14.10 system that will run Cadence Incisive 14.10 Virtual System Platform (VSP) SystemC 32-bit simulations. It is expected that the user download and install:

It is expected that the user acquire licensing for the Cadence and ARM software listed above and set the following environment variables in the image upon run:


It is handy to put the above environment variables in a file and pass that to docker using the --env-file option such that a file named something like license_vars.env contains the following two lines (replacing licensehost with your license server host name):


The following is an example of how to run this container with the above listed software with the following conditions:

  • Cadence Incisive 14.10 is installed at /tools/INCISIV141
  • ARM FastModels are installed at /tools/ARMFM which contains the directories from the installation: FastModelsPortfolio_8.2 FastModelsTools_8.2
  • The VSP Catalog from Incisive 14.10 is installed at /tools/vpcat
  • The license servers are set as stated above in a file called license_vars.env

      $ docker run -t -i --net=host \
      -v /tools/INCISIV141:/opt/tools/cdns/INCISIV141 \
      -v /tools/ARMFM:/opt/tools/cdns/ARMFM \
      -v /tools/vpcat:/opt/tools/cdns/vpcat \
      --env-file ./license_vars.env \
      engest/incisiv141-vsp /bin/bash

To customize this for your own environment:

  • Change /tools/INCISIVE141 to your own Incisive 14.10 installation location.
  • Change /tools/ARMFM to your own ARM Fast Models installation location.
  • Change /tools/vpcat to your own Cadence Incisive 14.10 VSP Catalog installation location.

Before running the container you will want to allow the container to use your X server with xhost. Here is an example (use the command you feel is most secure):
xhost +

To run an example platform inside the running container:

$ mkdir -p /home/user/platform/vexpress
$ cd /opt/tools/cdns/vpcat/
$ make images OUTDIR=/home/user/platform/vexpress
$ cd /home/user/platform/vexpress
$ make runrel

You should see it build the platform followed by a run with a frame buffer coming up and 4 xterms (one for each UART).

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