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An image with my preferred Debian dev setup
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A Docker image with my preferred development setup for quick hax and experimentation, for instance to explore or
apply a quick fix to another container using --volumes-from or --link with docker run.
The image is based on Debian 8.0 "Jessie".

The image has the basics for a comfortable development environment, and can be used as a base (thus the name) for more
specialized images.
Unlike the bare Debian image it includes man pages for quick access.

This image is available at the Docker Hub repository enil/debian-dev-base.


To launch the container, just run docker run -ti enil/docker-dev-base:latest.

  • The additional packages included are zsh, vim, git, tmux, tree, sudo, man-db and manpages.
  • The container launches into a zsh shell by default.
  • The container launches as the user docker with membership in the sudo group.
  • Dotfiles for zsh, vim and tmux are downloaded and installed from the repositories enil-zsh-dotfiles,
    enil-vim-dotfiles and enil-tmux-dotfiles respectively.
  • The script updates the environment variable REFRESHED_AT in the Dockerfile.
  • The script updates REFRESHED_AT and rebuilds the image.
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