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Building seamless Magento docker images
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Magento seamless Dockerizing

I have been working on clouds at the IaaS layer over 10 years. With Amazon AWS and Google GCE
now providing large-scale cloud service for several years, it is fair to say that getting access
to a server has never been easy and quick.

However, application packing, configuration and composing of service in ditributed enviroment
has not progressed much despite a lot of work in configuration management and orchestiration.

Deploying and running a distributed application at scale and in a fault-tolerant manner is still hard.

Dockerizing is not about full virtualization versus containers; it's about the easy of packing and running
an application.

As a developer, I spent a lot of time to creating my development environment, I hope this Docker scratch
will help everyone to up and run the Magento container for development and test purposes.

A Docker file installs required the Magento system requirements, PHP extensions, Apache and Nginx as well as PHP-FPM.
The Nginx is default options but you can switch to the Apache with environment variable


The easy way to get up and running with this Docker container is to pull the latest stable versions from the Docker Hub Registry.
I organized container tags as an OS and PHP version. Current OS and PHP versions are

  • Centos 7 and PHP55
  • Centos 7 and PHP56
docker pull docker pull ente/magento:centos7-php56


Environment variables;

  • $WEB_SERVER = used switching the web server. Default is Nginx. For Apache: httpd or apache
  • $XDEBUG_RHOST = activates the xdebug and setts the PROXY ip for debuging
  • $UID = Modify apache UID
  • $GID = Modify apache GID

Used Volums;

  • /var/www/html = Magento application source codes
  • /var/log/httpd = Apache logs if it activated
  • /var/log/nginx = Nginx logs
  • /var/log/php-fpm = PHP-FPM logs
 sudo docker run  -p 80:80 --name docker-magento-nginx -d ente/magento:centos7-php56

if you'd like to switch Nginx to appache

sudo docker run  -p 80:80 --name docker-magento-httpd -e WEB_SERVER=httpd -d ente/magento:centos7-php56
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