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Docker based All-In-One Arma 3 Epoch Linux Server (Experimental)
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Docker based All-In-One install of Arma 3 Epoch Linux Server (Experimental)

  1. First install

  2. Start by pulling the docker image:

docker pull epochmodteam/arma3epochserver
  1. Then start the server:
    docker run --rm -e STEAM_USERNAME='' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' --privileged -p 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver

Change the STEAM_USERNAME and STEAM_PASSWORD before running, as you must login to be able to download Arma 3 server files and workshop mods.

If you want to persist data add the -v C:\Docker\data:/data option below and change the folder "C:\Docker\data" to a location you want to store the redis database.

docker run --rm -e STEAM_USERNAME='' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' --privileged -v C:\Docker\data:/data -p 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver

You can alternatively add a "credentials" file to the location you are running the command from and instead of specifying -e STEAM_USERNAME='' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' via command line use:
--env-file credentials

To add scripts and additional files, mount the folder with your content and add your commands to the PRESCRIPT variable:

docker run --rm -e STEAM_USERNAME='' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' --privileged -v C:\yourFiles\:/extraFiles -e PRESCRIPT"cp /extraFiles/epoch.Altis.pbo /arma3/mpmissions" -p 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver 

This will execute before running the server.

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