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Dockerized Minecraft server for arm64
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Dockerized Minecraft server for ARM64. Image is designed to run on Aarch64 compatible SoC like Raspberry Pi 3, Odroid C2, etc. Based on minecraft-server and docker-minecraft.

Installing docker

Installing docker on ARM can be tricky, follow this guides for Raspberry Pi 3, Odroid C2.

Building the image

First, you need to build docker image with Minecraft server, pull it from official Docker Hub minecraft-server-arm64:

docker pull eqw3rty/minecraft-server-arm64

Also you can build the image from Dockerfile:

git clone
cd minecraft-server-arm64
docker build -t eqw3rty/minecraft-server-arm64 .

You may also want to change Minecraft server url in Dockerfile to switch to another version or tune JVM memory params in start script.

Running minecraft-server-arm64

To run the container simply use:

docker run --name mc -d -p 25565:25565 eqw3rty/minecraft-server-arm64

You can mount a host directory as a data volume. This commands mounts the host folder wolrd into the container /opt/minecraft/world.

docker run --name mc -d -p 25565:25565 -v /home/eqw3rty/world:/opt/minecraft/world eqw3rty/minecraft-server-arm64 

To display container logs:

docker logs -f mc

To start/stop/remove container use following commands:

docker start mc
docker stop mc
docker rm mc
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