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Logstash-1.4.2 with contrib package installed, mostly for supporting loggly output
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This is a logstash with contrib plugins installed
I am using it to send output to loggly (more info at

To use it you will need a logstash.conf file (example in etc/logstash/logstash.log) :

input {
  stdin { }
  syslog {
    port => 6514  # Docker can't map system known ports like 514
output {
   stdout { }
   loggly { #loggly output is only available at the contrib package (for now)
      host => ""
      proto => "https"
      key => "12345678-ab1c-12ab-a123-1aa1234567a0" #change to your key

To run it:

$ docker run -ti -v /etc/logstash/:/configdir -p 514:6514 -p 514:6514/udp sr/logstash logstash -f /configdir/logstash.conf

Based on library/logstash

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