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A complete development suite in a docker container.
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Sage OS

My collection of development environments inside a set of container images. Language specific derived images build off of a highly customized Fedora image that includes all of my dot files and favorite applications. Feel free to fork this project to create your own set of portable development environments or experiment with my own.

Base Includes

  • Tmux, Vim with Lua, Git
  • Standard Linux tools
  • Development Tools (gcc, make, kernel headers, etc.)
  • CLI Internet applications (elinks, irssi, lynx, mutt, etc.)
  • Python2 & Python3 with setuptools, virtualenv, and wheel
  • Man pages
  • Google Cloud SDK
  • Docker client
  • Kubernetes client


Sage OS includes my favorite languages as images derived from the base. Docker Hub builds these images automatically with names as tags.

Tag Description Version
erlang Erlang 19.1.5
golang Golang 1.7.3
haskell Haskell with Stack Latest
java Java with Maven 8u111
javascript Nodejs with NPM 6.x
ocaml Ocaml Latest
r R 3.3.1
Ruby Ruby Latest
Rust Rust with Cargo Latest


To use the base image:

docker run -it --name linux ericsage/os

Add the --privileged flag to control the docker daemon from inside the container.

To use a specific language derived from the base:

docker run -it --name golang ericsage/os:golang

Common usage:

docker run -it -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws -v ~/Documents/Code:/root/Code/src --name linux \
--privileged ericsage/os 
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