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Hosting a Rails production app in Phusion Passenger
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Passenger-Rails docker

Docker for hosting a Rails production app in Phusion Passenger running Ruby 2.1

Preparing the Rails application

Configure the production database in Rails (config/database.yml) such that the values are filled by environment variables. These variables will be set on start up of the container. The adapter and port defaults to Postgres.

    adapter: <%= ENV['APP_DB_ADAPTER'] || "postgresql" %>
    encoding: unicode
    pool: 5
    host: "database"
    port: <%= ENV['APP_DB_PORT'] || "5432" %>
    database: <%= ENV['APP_DB_DATABASE'] %>
    username: <%= ENV['APP_DB_USERNAME'] %>
    password: <%= ENV['APP_DB_PASSWORD'] %> 

Running your Rails application in Phusion Passenger

docker run --name my-rails-app \
       --volume /path/to/rails/app:/home/app/webapp \
       --link my-database-container:database \
       -e "SECRET_KEY_BASE=my-secret-production-key-for-rails" \
       -e "APP_DB_DATABASE=rails_db" -e "APP_DB_USERNAME=rails_db_user" -e "APP_DB_PASSWORD=rails_db_password" \
       -d erikap/passenger-rails

On start up the following actions will be executed:

  • bundle install
  • assets precompilation
  • database migrations

Start up scripts

Custom start up scripts can be added to /ect/my_init.d and will be executed during container start up.

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