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Tiny Alpine based container with runit and su-exec
Full Description

Minimal baseimage

A bare metal image to base to use for your own docker images. It's kinda like
phusion/baseimage, but using
Alpine Linux instead of Ubuntu.

Getting started

. /etc/env
exec nginx -g "daemon off;"


FROM erlend/baseimage
RUN apk add --no-cache nginx
COPY /etc/service/nginx/run

Adding services

Create a shell script which runs your daemon, name it run and place it in the
/etc/service/<NAME> directory. You can find a collection of run scripts

Startup scripts

Put scripts you want to run before runit in /etc/startup. Make sure the files
are executable, has a she-bang on the first line (i.e. #!/bin/sh) and with
filenames only existing of upper and lower case letters, digits, underscores,
and hyphens (no file extension).

Cron jobs

Cron is disabled by default, but can easily be enabled by deleting the file
/etc/service/dcron/down. Then all you need to do is add your scripts to one of
the subdirectories in /etc/periodic (15min, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly),
i.e. a script placed in /etc/periodic/hourly will run every hour.

SSH Server

There is no SSH server included in this image, however one is easily installed.
You can choose between the lightweight dropbear or the more common openssh,
and install it with apk add -U <name>.

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