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Hello world example.
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A starter kit for frontend project using babel for transpiling es6, webpack for building assets, karma for testing, and a supplied Dockerfile for building a container.


gulp [PORT?=8080]

Starts webpack dev server on port 8080 or given env PORT.


npm test
npm run test:watch

Keep your spec files wherever you want, just follow the naming convention foo.spec.js.


Comes with pre-commit installed, which will run lint against git modified files before every commit, to disable just remove the pre-commit package and entry in package.json.

npm run lint


Build the docker image after you run gulp build. The default dockerfile simply runs a nginx server that serves the build/ files.

// inside project root dir
docker build -t <docker username>/<docker hub repo> .

// run docker image
docker run -d --name <custom name> -p <host port>:80 <docker username>/<docker hub repo>


Running version will do a gulp build and push the tag to github. You can then run docker build to rebuild container, or just leave that to a CI service.

npm version [major | minor | patch]

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