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mongodb exporter for prometheus
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Mongodb Exporter

Based on MongoDB exporter for, written in go (, but forked for full sharded support and structure changes.


The exporter is in beta/experimental state and field names are very likely to change and features may change or get removed!


  • MongoDB Server Status metrics (cursors, operations, indexes, storage, etc)
  • MongoDB Replica Set metrics (members, ping, replication lag, etc)
  • MongoDB Replication Oplog metrics (size, length in time, etc)
  • MongoDB Sharding metrics (shards, chunks, db/collections, balancer operations)
  • MongoDB RocksDB storage-engine metrics (levels, compactions, cache usage, i/o rates, etc)
  • MongoDB WiredTiger storage-engine metrics (cache, blockmanger, tickets, etc)


export GO_VERSION=1.5.1  # if you wish to use your system version


The exporter can be started by running the 'mongodb_exporter' binary that is created in the build step. The exporter will try to connect to 'mongodb://localhost:27017' (no auth) as default if no options are supplied.

It is recommended to define the following options:

  • -mongodb.uri - The URI of the MongoDB port (default: mongodb://localhost:27017)
  • -auth.user - The optional exporter HTTP auth username (default: none)
  • -auth.pass - The optional exporter HTTP auth password (default: none)
  • -web.listen-address - The listen address of the exporter (default: ":9104")
  • -log_dir - The directory to write the log file (default: /tmp)

For more options see the help page with '-h' or '--help'

If you use MongoDB Authorization, you must:

  1. Create a user with 'clusterMonitor' role and 'read' on the 'local' database, like the following (replace username/password!):
    user: "mongodb_exporter",
    pwd: "s3cr3tpassw0rd",
    roles: [
        { role: "clusterMonitor", db: "admin" },
        { role: "read", db: "local" }
  1. Add the username/password to the '-mongodb.uri' command-line option for mongodb_exporter, example:
mongodb_exporter -mongodb.uri mongodb://mongodb_exporter:s3cr3tpassw0rd@localhost:27017

Note about how this works

Point the process to any mongo port and it will detect if it is a mongos, replicaset member, or stand alone mongod and return the appropriate metrics for that type of node. This was done to preent the need to an exporter per type of process.


  • Document more configurations options here
  • Stabilize RocksDB and WiredTiger support (currently beta/experimental)
  • Move MongoDB user/password/authdb to a file (for security)
  • Write more go tests
  • Version scheme


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