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Short Description
Tomcat container using Oracle JDK/JRE with Tomcat examples enabled running on Alpine Linux.
Full Description

Minified Docker image with Tomcat, Java with unlimited JCE patch applied

Basic Docker image to run Tomcat and Java with unlimited JCE patch applied.

This image is based on AlpineLinux to keep the size down, yet smaller images do exist. Includes BASH, since many Java applications like to have convoluted BASH start-up scripts.

Extends davidcaste/alpine-java-unlimited-jce.


Tomcat 8 Version: 8.5.3
Tomcat 7 Version: 7.0.69
JRE8/JDK8 Version: 8u92-b14
JRE7/JDK7 Version: 7u80-b15


Tomcat version Java version tags Size
Tomcat 8 Oracle Java 8 JRE latest / tomcat8 / jre8tomcat8
Tomcat 8 Oracle Java 8 JDK jdk8tomcat8
Tomcat 8 Oracle Java 7 JRE jre7tomcat8
Tomcat 8 Oracle Java 7 JDK jdk7tomcat8
Tomcat 7 Oracle Java 8 JRE tomcat7 / jre8tomcat7
Tomcat 7 Oracle Java 8 JDK jdk8tomcat7
Tomcat 7 Oracle Java 7 JRE jre7tomcat7
Tomcat 7 Oracle Java 7 JDK jdk7tomcat7


Some indications:

  • Tomcat installation directory is /opt/tomcat ($TOMCAT_HOME/$CATALINA_HOME). Executable scripts are found in directory $TOMCAT_HOME/bin and the application base (appBase) directory is $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps.
  • The path of file catalina.out is managed by the variable $CATALINA_OUT, and its value by default is /dev/null (disabled).
  • Apache logs are written into directory /logs/.

There are two ways to use this image:

  1. Use it as base image for other images. For example:

    FROM davidcaste/alpine-tomcat:tomcat8
  2. Use the image directly, and copy the .war files directly into the appBase directory. For example:

    docker run -it --rm davidcaste/alpine-tomcat /opt/tomcat/bin/ run
    docker cp ./sample.war tomcat-ci:/opt/tomcat/webapps/sample.war
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