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The admin repository for Espresso Logic. Must run *before* admin service.
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This is one of two images needed to run an Espresso Logic service in Docker

You need to run both images. First the admin database:

docker run -p 33306:3306 --name espresso-admin -d espressologic/admindb:v5 mysqld --user=mysql

Then start the admin server with:

docker run --name espresso -d -p 80:8080 --link espresso-admin:espresso_admin espressologic/service:v4 bin/ run

You may want to change the 80 to some other port if 80 is already taken by e.g. a web server on the Docker server.

Finally you can connect from your web browser at:

http://< ip-address-of-docker-host >/LogicDesigner

Note that, on Mac OSX, if you are running boot2docker, you will need to use the IP address of the Docker server, usually something like

To log in to Logic Designer, use:

  • User name: admin
  • Password: EspressoAdmin

The espresso-admin instance runs a copy of MySQL. If you want to connect to it, use user name "espresso_admin" with password "EspressoSql2014". Please note that MySQL is exposed on port 33306 of the container.

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