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What is HHVM?

HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) is a process virtual machine based on just-in-time (JIT) compilation, serving as an execution engine for PHP and Hack programming languages. By using the principle of JIT compilation, executed PHP or Hack code is first transformed into intermediate HipHop bytecode (HHBC), which is then dynamically translated into the x86-64 machine code, optimized and natively executed.

How to use this image

With command line

For PHP projects run through the command line interface (CLI), you can do the following.

Create a Dockerfile in your PHP project

   FROM estebanmatias92/hhvm:3.5-cli
   COPY . /usr/src/myapp
   WORKDIR /usr/src/myapp
   CMD [ "hhvm", "./your-script.php" ]

Then, run the commands to build and run the Docker image:

   docker build -t my-php-app .
   docker run -it --rm --name my-running-app my-php-app

Run a single PHP script

For many simple, single file projects, you may find it inconvenient to write a complete Dockerfile. In such cases, you can run a PHP script by using the HHVM image directly:

   docker run -it --rm --name my-running-script -v "$PWD":/usr/src/myapp -w /usr/src/myapp estebanmatias92/hhvm:3.5-cli hhvm your-script.php

How to install more HHVM extensions

This image comes with a script named hhvm-ext-install, you can use it to easily install HHVM extension.

As HHVM comes with a large number of extensions installed/enabled, this script only will help you to install the (non-official-yet) HHVM extensions available on Github.

So you have to pass the repositories (could be one or many) as argument for hhvm-ext-install.

For example, if you want to have a FastCGI image with pgsql extension, you can inheriting the base image that you like, and write your own Dockerfile like this:

   FROM estebanmatias92/hhvm:3.5-fastcgi
   RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y libpq-dev && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* \
       && hhvm-ext-install dstelter/hhvm-pgsql
   ENTRYPOINT [“/usr/local/bin/hhvm”]
   CMD [“--mode”, “server”]

Remember, you must install dependencies for your extensions manually.


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User Feedback


If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact me through a GitHub issue.


You are invited to contribute new features, fixes, or updates, large or small. Every contribution are welcome.


If emerge an official HHVM Docker image, this image will be deprecated, and eventually when the current version becomes in the old stable version, it will be removed.

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