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A container running the official nginx Win32 binary on a microsoft/windowsservercore container.
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This repository holds my docker file and scripts to build a windows server core container image with the official Win32 nginx binaries.

Environment Variables:

  • NginxVersion
    • This variable defines the version of Nginx to download and extract at build time.
    • Example: NginxVersion=1.13.1
  • WriteReverseProxyConfFromEnv
    • This variable defines whether the container will generate the location config from environment settings at runtime.
    • Acceptable Values: true or false
    • Default: true
    • Example: WriteReverseProxyConfFromEnv=true
  • ReverseProxyListenPort
    • This variable defines what port nginx will listen on at build time for traffic when generating location config from environment settings.
    • Acceptable Values: An integer between 1 and 65535
    • Default: 80
    • Example: ReverseProxyListenPort=80
  • ReverseProxyServerName
    • This variable is a space separated list of domains to provide the server config when generating config from environment settings at runtime.
    • Acceptable Values: A space separated list of strings.
    • Default: nginx
    • Example: ReverseProxyServerName="nginx nginx.local"
  • ReverseProxyLocationList
    • Acceptable Values: A powershell array of strings representing proxy locations of the format location==>targetLocation
    • Default: No Default Value Defined.
    • Example: ReverseProxyLocationList="@('/==>http://home', '/hello==>http://hello', '/goodbye==>http://goodbye')"
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