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Zabbix Server & Web UI


  • Zabbix Server
  • Zabbinx Front-end
  • Nginx
  • PHP

Processes are managed by supervisord, including cronjobs


  • Nginx on 80
  • Zabbix Server on 10051
  • /etc/zabbix/alert.d/ for Zabbix alertscripts


  • ZABBIX_DB_NAME=zabbix: PostgreSQL database to work on
  • ZABBIX_DB_USER=zabbix: PostgreSQL user/role
  • ZABBIX_DB_PASS=zabbix: The user password
  • ZABBIX_DB_HOST=localhost: PostgreSQL host to connect to
  • ZABBIX_DB_PORT=5432: PostgreSQL port

  • ZABBIX_INSTALLATION_NAME=: Zabbix installation name


  • ZABBIX_DB_LINK=: Database link name. Example: a value of "DB_PORT_5432" will fill in ZABBIX_DB_HOST/PORT variables

Constants in Dockerfile

  • ZABBIX_PHP_TIMEZONE=UTC: Timezone to use with PHP


Launch PostgreSQL database container with name 'zabbix-db'. Create the necessary user and database:

$ docker run -d --name="zabbix-db" postgres
$ docker exec -it zabbix-db /bin/bash
...$ psql -U postgres
postgres=# create user zabbix password 'zabbix';
postgres=# create database zabbix owner zabbix;
postgres=# Ctrl-D
...$ Ctrl-D

Launch Zabbix container:

$ docker run -d --name="zabbix" --link zabbix-db:db -e ZABBIX_DB_LINK=DB_PORT_5432 -p 80:80 -p 10051:10051 estin/zabbix-server

By default, you sign in as Admin:zabbix.

Enjoy! :)

Configuration Cheat-Sheet

Things to do at the beginning:

  • Administration > Users, Users: disable guest access (group), setup user accounts & themes
  • Administration > Media types: set up notification methods. For custom alertscripts, see Custom alertscripts
  • Administration > Users, Users, "Media" tab: set up notification destinations
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