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Production Setup


  • nodejs


run the following command to build dependencies

npm rebuild


node server.js

Development Setup


  • nodejs
  • gruntjs
  • bower
  • sass


run the following commands.

npm install --ignore-scripts
npm rebuild
bower install

Build the project


run the server

to run the nodejs server run the following code

node server.js

Notes on adding production dependencies

to add a new production npm dependencies

  • add them to the package.json
  • delete node_modules

run the following

npm install --production --ignore-scripts

Then add the new files to GIT so that it can run standalone in the future. Be sure that they are not in the .gitignore

git add . && git commit -a

browse site at: http://localhost:3000

Server deployment

repository is located on Pluto

Upgrade production

goto repo

cd /home/deploy/my-apps/findmejohnny

see what sites are running

forever list

Start the website

forever start server.js

To run this websites docker image

sudo docker run -t -i -p 80:80 -d etoxin/findmejohnny node server.js

To swap a docker image run the following, swapping the docker instance with whatever is live.

sudo docker stop trusting_shockley && sudo docker run -t -i -p 80:80 -d etoxin/findmejohnny node server.js
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