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#Etymonline LAMP server

This contains the legacy PHP applications that currently (as of 6-10-2012) powers This contains only the PHP files that work with the term database. Please see documentation on editing non term data below.

##Content Editor

user: harper
pw: d…g

This will allow the HTML editing for the following files:

  • viking.php
  • wolf.php
  • zero.php
  • index.php (the text content below the title)
  • imutate.php
  • sponsors.php
  • baloney.php
  • abbr.php
  • sources.php

Even though there is a link for term editor, it is currently not active. Do to the security, if the application takes a little to load initially after password is entered, hit the refresh button and it should enter fine.

##FTP Management

user: harper
pw: d…g

The will allow FTP management of the following folders:

  • columns
  • cw
  • poems
  • working

continue editing the content of the sponsors HTMl through the content editor above and add graphics through ftp

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