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Best Trip Recommender API
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This container runs the Best Trip Recommender API for the public transport of a city. The API currently predicts the trip number of passengers and it's duration. It provides train and test endpoints for the embedded machine learning model.

How to use the container:

1: Download and extract the data used by the Best Trip Recommender API in the following link:
If you don't have permission to download, contact us by the following email:

2: Download docker-compose file:
$ wget

3: Download the example.env file:
$ wget

4: Copy this file to a .env file:
$ cp example.env .env

5: Use your favorite editor to change the .env file and update the variables.

6: Run the container:
$ docker-compose up

API Usage:

After you run the previous steps, check the following link in the API Usage session to see the usage.

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