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This is the standard ubuntu image used by eultec GmbH, based on the ubuntu images in version 16.10
Full Description


Compared with the base image, this image:

  • Image is based on Ubuntu 16.10
  • adds some base ubuntu packages
  • optional ubuntu package installation by build-time is given with arguments
  • removes all unnecessary data will be removed at the end of build

Base Ubuntu Packages

  • vim.tiny
  • wget
  • sudo
  • unzip
  • net-tools
  • iputils-ping


  • INST_ADDITION_APP : ubuntu apps to install additionally to $INST_BASE_APP, default []

Example build commands:

  • Base: > docker build -t $TAG .
  • Postgres-Client: > docker build --build-arg INST_ADDITION_APP=postgresql-client -t $TAG .
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