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cdn for npm resources
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A webservice that dishes out files from npm packages.


docker run -v /cdn-cache-folder:/cdn -p 8080:8080 euprogramador/npm-cdn

case run a server as sinopia npm server you can specify which server will connect via environment variable, NPM_HOST by default is used example:

docker run -v /cdn-cache-folder:/cdn -p 8080:8080 -e NPM_HOST=http://sinopia.myserver.local/ euprogramador/npm-cdn

NOTE: You have the "/" end in url.


To access a file inside a published npm package, use the following pattern:{packageName}@{packageVersion}/{filePath}



When a package is downloaded, index files are generated in HTML and JSON format.

  • /browserify@8.1.1 renders an HTML
    page with links to all the files in the package.
  • /browserify@8.1.1/?json returns
    a JSON array of all the files in the package. You can also set an application/json
    Accept header in the request instead of using the json query param.


If you request a package without specifying a version, you'll be redirected to the
index for the latest version of the package:

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