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freeRADIUS with EAP-TLS (for e.g. WPA2 Enterprise on a home network)
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FreeRADIUS with only EAP-TLS enabled.

This may be useful if you want to use AES on your WiFi.


See below for a quick way to create your PKI or supply your own, then run:

docker run -d -p 1812:1812/udp --restart=always -v pki:/etc/raddb/certs -e CLIENT_ADDRESS=... -e CLIENT_SECRET=... -e PRIVATE_KEY_PASSWORD=... evansgp/radius-eap-tls


Keys and certificates are read from /etc/raddb/certs which is exposed as a volume.

Radius is listening on port 1812 UDP.

The following environment variables are used:

  • CLIENT_ADDRESS, where to accept connections from (i.e. your AP) (mandatory)
  • CLIENT_SECRET, the password shared with your AP (mandatory)
  • PRIVATE_KEY_PASSWORD, password for the private key (mandatory)
  • PRIVATE_CERT, the filename of the private cert (default: issued/server.crt)
  • PRIVATE_KEY, filename of the private key (default: private/server.key)
  • CA_CERT, filename of the CA certificate (default: ca.crt)
  • DH_FILE, filename of the DH parameters (default: dh.pem)

Simple setup

Running the following will create each file not already present in the volume, prompting for input where required and leaving things in the default locations:

  • CA certificate and key
  • DH parameters
  • Server certificate and key
  • Client certificate and key for an entity named laptop
git clone
cd docker-radius-eap-tls
docker build easyrsa -t easyrsa
docker run -it -v pki:/easyrsa/pki easyrsa build-client-full laptop

Repeat for as many clients as you need, supplying a unique name each time. Copy the ca.crt, issued/laptop.crt and private/laptop.key to the client (for e.g.). Some devices require their keys in a different format, for example Android OS, which you can export using:

docker run -it -v pki:/easyrsa/pki easyrsa build-client-full android-phone
docker run -it -v pki:/easyrsa/pki easyrsa export-p12 android-phone

Import private/android-phone.p12 to your device.

Now configure your AP with WPA2 Enterprise, AES, the server IP and client secret.

See also

easy-rsa can quickly generate your certificates and keys.


This probably isn't secure and will most likely rape your dogs and kill your women.

Look after your PKI.

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