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The project will not be further maintained.
I suggest to use docker-compose instead of Vagrant docker provider to gain better UX.

The project goal is to speed up software development process and enhance existing testing framework by utilizing docker container technology.

The container can be created and destroyed promptly!

Some key featrues provided:

  • Provides hadoocker-base CentOS docker container

  • Provides bigtop-hadoop pseudo-distributed docker container

  • Provides hadoop and service integration testing and CI template

Docker images

  • hadoocker-base CentOS (hadoocker/hadoocker-base)

  • Bigtop Hadoop pseudo-distributed (hadoocker/hadoop)

  • Bigtop Hadoop client (hadoocker/hadoop-client)

Vagrant boxes

  • hadoocker-base CentOS (hadoocker/virtualbox-vm/hadoocker-base)

  • Bigtop Hadoop pseudo-distributed (hadoocker/virtualbox-vm/hadoop)

  • Bigtop Hadoop client (hadoocker/virtualbox-vm/hadoop-client)






The hadoocker toolkit has been tested in the following environment, thus please make sure you have at least equal or higher software verison:

  • OS: yungsang/boot2docker 1.3.5, CentOS

  • VirtualBox: 4.3.15

  • Vagrant 1.7.1

  • Docker: 1.3.2

OS X Getting Started

vagrant box add yungsang/boot2docker --insecure
git clone
cd hadoocker/hadoocker-base
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Windows Getting Started

open git bash or cygwin

git clone
cd hadoocker/virtualbox-vm/centos-docker-platform/
vagrant up
vagrant ssh #Get in the CentOS VM. The following commands are operated on the VM instead of cygwin
sudo su -
cd /hadoocker/hadoocker-base
vagrant up
vagrant ssh #Get in the CentOS Docker container

Linux Getting Started

Running Hadoocker on existing Linux or boot2docker in PRIVATE NETWORK (You have private dockerhub)

If you already have Linux environment which does not created from hadoocker, please

be aware that the newest Docker with security fix does not allow non https dockerhub access.

In order to access private dockerhub, you needs to add a configuration in docker daemon to workaround it.

  • On CentOS:
sudo echo "other_args=\"--insecure-registry <PRIVATE_DOCKERHUB_FQDN>\"" > /etc/sysconfig/docker
sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart

See hadoocker/virtualbox-vm/centos-docker-platform/

And, make sure you have SELINUX DISABLED!!!

$ vim /etc/sysconfig/selinux

Otherwise, you will get Broken pipe failure while doing vagrant ssh.

  • On boot2docker:
    • Aside the security fix workaround, there is also a critical issue which is that the file system view can be different under certain image building operations. To avoid that happening, the boot2docker driver should be specified to devicemapper.
sudo sh -c "echo \"EXTRA_ARGS=\\\"--insecure-registry <PRIVATE_DOCKERHUB_FQDN> --storage-driver=devicemapper\\\"\" > /var/lib/boot2docker/profile"
sudo /etc/init.d/docker restart

See hadoocker/docker-platform/

Spin up a Docker container

git clone
cd hadoocker/hadoocker-base
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
  • Note: when first time doing vagrant up, it might take 3-5min to download the image


Create a CentOS docker container

cd hadoocker-base 
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Create a bigtop-hadoop docker container

cd hadoop 
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
  • Note: The hadoop container may require memory up to 2500MB to be running smoothly

Create hadoop and hadoop client containers for doing hadoop integration test

cd hadoop-cluster

Create Hadoop and Hadoop client VMs

cd virtualbox-vm/hadoop-cluster

Use Case

  • I want a VM

  • I want to test my newly developed pig script

  • I want to test my hbase feature

  • Develop continuous integration to run end to end integration test with hadoop

Docker Registry web UI

  • Browse available images on registry-ui. For unknown reason, this takes times loading, please just wait:)

  • Search private dockerhub(registry) in command-line:

[root@evans ~]# $ docker search <PRIVATE_DOCKERHUB_FQDN>/hadoocker
library/hadoocker                        0
library/hadoocker-client                 0


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