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Short Description
Automated (ThoughtWorks Gauge) testing with Work in progress image.
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docker pull eventualconsistency/drone-gauge-java:latest

Docker image for running BDD style tests using Gauge from ThoughtWorks within or similiar build solutions.

Product Versions

The current latest version of the image includes:

  • Gauge 0.4.0
    • Java Project Plugin
  • Maven 3.3.9
  • OpenJDK 1.8
  • Additional tools:
    • bash
    • curl
    • wget
    • unzip

Docker Tag Revisions

The following outlines the various Docker tags for this image:

  • latest - The most recent build.
  • Tagged builds:
    • 0.4.0 - Gauge 0.4.0, OpenJDK 1.8 and Maven 3.3.9

Image Details

The image is based on Alpine Linux 3.3 to minimize footprint. During the build process
relevent the system APKs are updated, ensuring the container is up to date as much as
can be expected.

Installing into Local

You can reference the images directly from docker hub, but you'll need to add the eventualconsistency
images path to your whitelist configuration for your drone instance. Please refer to the

Another option is to simply clone the image and tag it locally as plugins/name-goes-here.
The steps for this are

docker pull eventualconsistency/drone-gauge-java:latest
docker tag eventualconsistency/drone-gauge-java:latest plugins/drone-gauge-java:latest

Where latest is any of the released versions.

Including in .drone.yml

Here's an example .drone.yml file calling Gauge. It assumes that the local workspace folder is already
configured to run the tests (project pulled from Git, any libs/jars pulled down already):

        image: plugins/drone-gauge-java:0.4.0
            - gauge specs/
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