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Kafka Docker Image for use with Kubernetes
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Kafka Docker Image

A Kafka Docker Image for use with Kubernetes.

To start the image you need to specify a couple of environment variables for the container.

Environment Variable Description
ADVERTISED_LISTENERS the listner address to be advertized to clients for the container, e.g. "PLAINTEXT://docker-machine ip \docker-machine active``:9092"
ZK_CONNECT the zookeeper.connect value, e.g "zk1:2181,zk2:2181,zk3:2181/kafka"
LOG_RETENTION_HOURS the minimum age of a log file in hours to be eligible for deletion (default is 168, for 1 week)
LOG_RETENTION_BYTES configure the size at which segments are pruned from the log, (default is 1073741824, for 1GB)
NUM_PARTITIONS configure the default number of log partitions per topic
BROKER_ID broker id for the container, if this was unset, unique broker id will be assigned by using zookeeper.

Ensuring that zk1, zk2 ... zk3 can be resolved is beyond the scope of this image.
You can use DNS, or Kubernetes services, etc depending on your environment (see below).

Inside Kubernetes

please see 'example' directory.

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