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Log rotation container with remote storage of log files in Manta (Joyent's object store)
Full Description

Please make sure you have the following:

1) a manta environment file /root/.ssh/mantaEnv/sh
The file should contain the environment varibles for manta e.g.

export MANTA_USER=jschutt; export
MANTA_KEY_ID=10:5b:f6:6d:bb:e0:ee:ed:b8:4b:d8:81:bb:0b:6e:e8 ;
export MANTA_URL= ;

2) Valid keys for the JPC should be stored in /root/.ssh

3) Map the following volumes
/var/lib/docker (This is the standard directory for docker)
/mnt/manta (This is used as a temp space for the log files

4) To ensure all the log files for a given unix instance are stored under the same directory use the environment valible $DOCKER_HOST

5) Make sure ~~/store/dockerLogs is a valid Manta path

An example of how to start the log4 manta container

docker run --name=log4manta -v /var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker -d -v
/mnt/manta:/mnt/manta -v /root/.ssh/:/.ssh/ -e DOCKER_HOST=hostname

To reassamble a containers log file you can use the following command

mfind /jens/stor/dockerLogs/<Host ID> | grep <Container ID> | sort |
xargs mget -- >> /tmp/alllogs.log

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