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Markting email cleaning service ~ the spammaker
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How to run email cleaning process on docker

List of shell commands:

docker pull evilqubit/emailclean

Run container

docker run -t -i evilqubit/emailclean /bin/bash

you will see command prompt

restart exim
/etc/init.d/exim4 restart
Return to host shell (not container) Ctrl+P and Ctrl+Q combination, to exit container without shutting it down

Copy the list (list.txt or whatever you named it) with emails (to clean up) from host file system to docker container

docker cp /root/list.txt 03d67642425d:/root

where 03d67642425d is container id. to get it, issue docker ps –a command
go back to docker container

docker attach 03d67642425d

cd /root
edit LIST variable, put there filename list.txt or your choice (the file uploaded before)
run script


wait (time depends on list size) to get response codes from remote email servers

get list of non-existent emails, run

./ > unknown.txt

open script and edit vars

and then run script


go to host server Ctrl+P and Ctrl+Q commands
and then copy file from container to host server

docker cp 03d67642425d:/root/result.txt /root

After that you can download result.txt file via scp from host server.

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