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A Docker Composer image based on the Docker image eviweb/php7-dev with su-exec
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Docker - Composer image

A Docker Composer image based on eviweb/php7-dev with su-exec.

Health status


Simple use

Run the command docker run --rm eviweb/php7-composer [Composer options].
ie. docker run --rm eviweb/php7-composer -V displays the current Composer version

Please note that by default the ansi mode is not enabled, you can force it by using the composer --ansi flag
ie. docker run --rm eviweb/php7-composer --ansi [Composer options]

Change the entrypoint

Sometimes it is useful to bypass the default entrypoint, this can be done like this: docker run --rm --entrypoint=entrypoint eviweb/php7-composer [Command].
ie. docker run --rm --entrypoint=entrypoint eviweb/php7-composer php to run php directly from the container

Please note that:

  • the --entrypoint=entrypoint where the value entrypoint permits to run the command using su-exec
  • xdebug is disabled by default, so to enable it in the example above, use the PHP CLI option.
    ie. docker run --rm --entrypoint=entrypoint eviweb/php7-composer php -r 'print_r(get_loaded_extensions());' displays the list of the loaded extensions

Run as different user

By default the composer command is run by an internal user with the default uid=9001.
To run the command with a different uid, use the docker environment option and set the variable LOCAL_USER_UID with the required value.
ie. docker run --rm -e LOCAL_USER_UID=1000 eviweb/php7-composer list displays the list of composer commands.

For more details, please refer to Run as different user

Alpine Installed Packages

Please refer to Alpine Packages

Current Composer Version

Please refer to Composer Version

Please note that Docker images are tagged with the provided Composer version


To build this image, run make from the root of this project.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT License

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