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Short Description
Run Sublime Text 3 from inside a Docker Container.
Full Description

Sublime Text 3 Docker Container

This Docker image will allow us to run the amazing Sublime Text 3 without the need to
install it in our computers.

Another benefit is to be able to try different Sublime Text builds, with different Programming Languages versions.

The motivation to create this package come from the burn of reinstalling my Development environment across several computers each time I install/upgrade an OS or change computer.

So this package is the first of a series of other packages to make my Development environment very portable, easy and fast to
install in any computer.

How To Install Sublime Text 3 Docker CLI

Using CURL in command line:

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Using WGET in Command Line:

bash -c "$(wget -O -)"

How To Use Sublime Text 3 Docker Container

Sublime Text will persist settings, cache and installed packages in the Container dir /home/$USER/.dockerize/sublime-text-3/profiles/profile-name that is mapped into the host dir /home/$USER/.config/sublime-text-3. Meaning that changes done inside the Container will be available in the host and vice versa.


  • The default profile is basic, but other ones can be created for each use case or programming language.
  • The Sublime Text build is 3126. Any other build of Sublime can be used to build a local Docker Image.
  • The image used exadra37/sublime-textt-3 is pulled from Docker Hub. A local one can be build or another one can be pulled from Docker Hub.
  • The Host dir shared with the Sublime Text Container is the current dir as per $PWD variable. Another dir can be provided.

See Help

Check how to use it at any time...

sublime -h

Run With Defaults

The image used is the one in Docker Hub and the current dir $PWD, without the part /home/$USER is mapped to same path on the container and using the default profile baisc.


Run With Another Profile

This will create a new profile called php in /home/$USER/.dockerize/sublime-text-3/profiles/php. Now you can install packages and customize settings just for this PHP profile.

sublime -p php

So each time we want to launch Sublime optimized to work on PHP projects we just run the same command used above.

Run With Another Docker Hub Image

Personalize the current Docker Hub exadra37/sublime-text-3 by extending it and then use it like...

sublime -i my-docker-hub-image-name

Run With Local Docker Image

This will build locally, using the same Dockerfile used to build the Docker Hub Image...

sublime -l

Run With Another Build

Currently the Sublime Text build defaults to 3126.

We can build a local Docker Image with a previous or future build of Sublime Text, just by providing a different build number...

sublime -b 3124

Run With Custom Developer Workspace

Instead of mapping the current dir as the host workspace, another one can be provided...

sublime -w /absolute/workspace/path/in/host

Rebuild Local Docker Image

To rebuild the local image just do like...

sublime -r

How to Obtain a Shell Inside Sublime Text Docker Container

For trouble shouting Sublime Text 3 installation we may need to go inside the docker container.

To help us on that, when starting the container the exact command will be printed, and will look like:

sudo docker exec -it ST3_1486504665 zsh
Docker Pull Command