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Backend for ID-Server BEO/Televotia
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The BEO/Televotia backend does the following:

  • Download the members mail addresses, voting rights and identity verifcation from the CiviCRM
  • Send new members their invitations to Televoita via email
  • Synchronize members and theair voting rights and identity verifcation with the ID server


You need to prepare:

  • A docker host
  • A Postgres database server

You need to have:

  • An X509 client certificate for the ID server API complete with CA-certificate, certificate and private key
  • An OpenPGP private/public key pair from the ID server and the public key of the ID server

You need to know:

  • The ID server's frontend URL denoted id-server.url
  • The ID server's API URL denoted id-server-api.url
  • The mail address correpsonding to the OpenPGP public key of the ID server denoted as _name@id-server.url_


Create databases

Create two database for the members and the invitations. You may use two seperate users. You may adapt the script for this.

Data Directory

The data directory /data/ must contains the following:

  • The config file at /data/ekklesia.ini
  • The PGP keyring at /data/gnupg/
  • The X509 client certificate and the corresponding key

Config file

The config file /data/ekklesia.ini must be adapted from ekklesia.ini.template as follows:

  • In both the members and the invitations section:
  • The ID server API URL
  • Paths to the X509 client certificates and including private key
  • The database connection for the corresponding database including credentials
  • The SMTP server address and credential
  • The GPG sender address and passphrase

The data directory must be inserted into the docker container at /data

Environment variables

You must set the following environment variables when running the docker container:

  • CIVI_API_URL : complete URL to the REST interfaces of your CiviCRM
  • CIVI_SITE_KEY : site key for your CiviCRM
  • CIVI_API_KEY : API key for your CiviCRM
  • SMTP_SERVER_ADDRESS : Address for an SMTP server
  • SMTP_SERVER_PORT : Port for the SMTP server
  • SMTP_USERNAME : Username to log on to the SMTP server for sending
  • SMTP_PASSWORD : Password for this user

Run Docker Container

There is a template to facilitiy running the container.

Push service

There is also a push service to update users on demand when they register with the ID server.

The push service is run by just starting the same docker image with the script.

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