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An Oracle database image for testing purpose.
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An Oracle database container for testing purpose

Oracle docker image by eXo Platform

This is a Oracle image to easily build an Oracle environment for test purposes.

How to build

  • Download the official Oracle 12rc1 installer on the oracle site
  • Put the 2 archives and in the installer directory
  • Execute docker build -t oracle:12rc1 .. It will create the image and install Oracle on it. it can take some time.

How to run

The Oracle instance can be launched with this command :

docker run --name my-database -p 1521:1521 -e ORACLE_SID=sid -e ORACLE_DATABSE=mydb -e ORACLE_USER=user -e ORACLE_PASSWORD=password -e ORACLE_DBA_PASSWORD=syspassword oracle:12rc1

The data are persisted on the directory /u01/app/oracle/data. To keep them between 2 container restarts, add this parameter to the command line:

-v local_datadir:/u01/app/oracle/data


All these variables are mandatory :

  • ORACLE_SID : The oracle sid used to identified the database
  • ORACLE_DATABASE : the name of the database to create
  • ORACLE_USER : The standard user name allowed to connect to the database
  • ORACLE_PASSWORD : The password of the user
  • ORACLE_DBA_PASSWORD : Administrator password
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