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Build and configure wordpress installation
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Allow to install a predefined version of wordpress at build time
and configure it at runtime.


The image contains the following components pre-installed :


docker run -v [PATH]:/src exoplatform/wordpress

The container will look for the following elements based on the /src directory :

  • plugins/* : sources of the plugins to install and activate
  • themes/* : sources of the themes to install
  • plugins.lst : list of official plugins to install
  • themes.lst : list of official themes to install
  • languages.lst : list of languages to install. (since 1.1.10)

plugins.lst and themes.lst files format

List of elements under the form :


Example :

# My plugins


Each line of the languages.lst file must match a Wordpress local.
If the file is not present, no additional languages will be installed.

Example :


Environment variables

Variable Name Description
WORDPRESS_DB_HOST Database host name
WORDPRESS_DB_USER Database user name
WORDPRESS_DB_PASSWORD Database user password
WORDPRESS_DB_NAME Database schema name
WORDPRESS_PUBLIC_URL Public url to use Example : http://localhost
WORDPRESS_DOMAIN_NAME Wordpress domain Example : localhost
WORDPRESS_ADMIN_USER Admin user to initialize Example : admin
WORDPRESS_ADMIN_PASSWORD Admin user password to initialize Example : adminpassword
FPM_STATUS_ENABLED should /status page should be enabled or not (default: true)
FPM_PING_ENABLED Should the fpm /ping page should be enabled (default: true)
FPM_PROCESS_MANAGER Type of process manager SUpported : dynamic or ondemand default:dynamic
FPM_START_CHILDREN Number of children created on startup default=2
FPM_MAX_CHILDREN Max number of child process default=5
FPM_MIN_SPARE_SERVERS Minimal number of idle processes default=1
FPM_MIN_SPARE_SERVERS Maximal number of idel processes default=3
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