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Exor Altera Starter KIT development image

This repo provides the Dockerfile to build Exor Altera Starter KIT development image.

This image is preconfigured to cross compile, deploy and debug the BSP, kernel and applications of Exor Altera Starter KIT.


   docker build -t exorembedded/docker-us02-32bit .

First time run

   docker run --name us02 --net host -v /local/folder:/home/user/share -ti exorembedded/docker-us02-32bit

Option --name us02 allows to easily control the container by name using the command line docker utility.

Option --net host bridges all network interfaces of hosting machine. So it is possible to use avahi to resolve the starter kit hostname (exoralterakit.local).

Option -v /local/folder:/home/user/share binds the host folder /local/folder to the container folder /home/user/share.

Tipical usage

   docker start -ai us02


   docker stop us02

to exit session.

UI available via VNC (port 5555) while the console is running.


docker ps -a shows current available containers

docker rm <container_name> removes specified container

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