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Resin application server from Caucho
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Resin Docker image Dockerfile

CentOS based base image with Resin running on Oracle JDK 8.

Also adds MySQL Connector/J 5.1.38 to /var/resin/webapp-jars. If you need want to make use of this, make sure to include

  <tree-loader path="${resin.root}/webapp-jars"/>

in your Resin config.

The ENTRYPOINT is resinctl and the default parameters are console. This means you can modify the behaviour, such as the paths, by providing other
parameters to the entrypoint, for example using CMD.



The configuration file is expected to be found in /etc/resin/resin.xml


WAR files go in the /var/resin/webapps directory.


RESIN_HOME points to /usr/local/share/resin-4.0.40


Logs are written to /var/log/resin/. You may want to map this as a volume. (Tip: See expertsystems/filebeat)

Session data

Session data is written to /var/resin/resin-data, so if you want to preserve session data between images, consider mapping this as a volume.

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