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Simple haskell Docker image based on ubuntu trusty
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Haskell is one of the most advanced purely-functional programming languages in the world.


Statically typed

Every expression in Haskell has a type which is determined at compile time. All the types composed together by function application have to match up. If they don't, the program will be rejected by the compiler. Types become not only a form of guarantee, but a language for expressing the construction of programs.

Type inference

You don't have to explicitly write out every type in a Haskell program. Types will be inferred by unifying every type bidirectionally. However, you can write out types if you choose, or ask the compiler to write them for you for handy documentation.


Functions don't evaluate their arguments. This means that programs can compose together very well, with the ability to write control constructs (such as if/else) just by writing normal functions. The purity of Haskell code makes it easy to fuse chains of functions together, allowing for performance benefits.

Purely functional

Every function in Haskell is a function in the mathematical sense (i.e., "pure"). Even side-effecting IO operations are but a description of what to do, produced by pure code. There are no statements or instructions, only expressions which cannot mutate variables (local or global) nor access state like time or random numbers.


Haskell lends itself well to concurrent programming due to its explicit handling of effects. Its flagship compiler, GHC, comes with a high-performance parallel garbage collector and light-weight concurrency library containing a number of useful concurrency primitives and abstractions.


Open source contribution to Haskell is very active with a wide range of packages available on the public package servers.

For more information visit Haskell site

About this image

This image is based upon ubuntu:trusty and integrating the ppa:hvr/ghc which is recommended by the haskell community for an easy setup on ubuntu based distros. You can see the contents of each release here.

This is an image for intermediate and advanced users because it only contains the base packages and not the full Haskell Platform.

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