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Secured Apache Tomcat
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Docker Secured Apache Tomcat

Docker Image packaging for A hardened Apache Tomcat

This image extends the original Docker official image for Apache Tomcat (tomcat:jre8)

It adds security hardening to Apache Tomcat according to OWASP

How to use and run this Docker image

Sine this is a secured hardened image of the official Apache Tomcat Docker. All functionality of the official version is supported. Instead of running the image with tomcat:<tag> you should use: eyaldahari/hardenedtomcat

For instance:

To run the default Tomcat server (CMD ["", "run"]):

$ docker run -it --rm eyaldahari/hardenedtomcat

To run with a different port than the default 8888:

$ docker run -it --rm -p 8888:8080 eyaldahari/hardenedtomcat

In order to test it, browse to http://<container-ip>:8080 in a browser or, if you have changed the default port, use port 8888 like in the example above.

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