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Raspberry Pi cross-compilation in a Docker container.

Installs the Raspberry Pi cross-compilation toolchain onto the ubuntu:trusty Docker image.

This project is available as sdt4docker/raspberry-pi-cross-compiler on Docker Hub, and as sdt/docker-raspberry-pi-cross-compiler on GitHub.

Please raise any issues on the GitHub issue tracker as I don't get notified about Docker Hub comments.


  • the gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-raspbian toolchain from raspberrypi/tools
  • commands in the container are run as the calling user, so that any created files have the expected ownership (ie. not root)
  • make variables (CC, LD etc) are set to point to the appropriate tools in the container
  • ARCH, CROSS_COMPILE and HOST environment variables are set in the container
  • symlinks such as rpxc-gcc and rpxc-objdump are created in /usr/local/bin
  • current directory is mounted as the container's workdir, /build
  • works with boot2docker on OSX


This image is not intended to be run manually. Instead, there is a helper script which comes bundled with the image.

To install the helper script, run the image with no arguments, and redirect the output to a file.


docker run sdt4docker/raspberry-pi-cross-compiler > rpxc
chmod +x rpxc
mv rpxc ~/bin/


rpxc [command] [args...]

Execute the given command-line inside the container.

If the command matches one of the rpxc built-in commands (see below), that will be executed locally, otherwise the command is executed inside the container.

rpxc -- [command] [args...]

To force a command to run inside the container (in case of a name clash with a built-in command), use -- before the command.

Built-in commands

rpxc update-image

Fetch the latest version of the docker image.

rpxc update-script

Update the installed rpxc script with the one bundled in the image.

rpxc update

Update both the docker image, and the rpxc script.


The following command-line options and environment variables are used. In all cases, the command-line option overrides the environment variable.

RPXC_CONFIG / --config <path-to-config-file>

This file is sourced if it exists.

Default: ~/.rpxc

RPXC_IMAGE / --image <docker-image-name>

The docker image to run.

Default: sdt4docker/raspberry-pi-cross-compiler

RPXC_ARGS / --args <docker-run-args>

Extra arguments to pass to the docker run command.


rpxc make

Build the Makefile in the current directory.

rpxc rpxc-gcc -o hello-world hello-world.c

Standard bintools are available by adding an rpxc- prefix.

rpxc make

Build the kernel from raspberrypi/linux.
The CROSS_COMPILE and ARCH flags are automatically set.

rpxc bash -c 'find . -name \*.o | sort > objects.txt'

Note that commands are executed verbatim. If you require any shell processing for environment variable expansion or redirection, please use bash -c 'command args...'.

More examples can be found in the examples directory.

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