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This is my minimal hadoop-base image (based on hadoop-2.4.0 compiled on Arch
Linux kernel 3.17.6-1-ARCH x86_64).

Run the Containers

SSH keys Container

First we fire up the keys_host so that we can mount the .ssh volume in

sudo docker run --name keyhost ezhaar/key-host

Hadoop Container

Now we run the hadoop container

    sudo docker run -it \
    --volumes-from keyhost \
    --name htest \
    -h master.localdomain \
    --dns-search=localdomain \

  • -h sets the hostname and adds an entry in the /etc/hosts file.
  • --dns-search updates the /etc/resolve.conf for reverse DNS lookups.

Once the container has started, start the ssh service and then after formatting
the namenode, we are ready to play with hadoop.

service ssh start
hdfs namenode -format
hdfs dfs -mkdir /user
hdfs dfs -mkdir /user/root
hdfs dfs -ls

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