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spark-1.2.0 image with supervisord, hadoop-2.4.0, scala-2.10.4 and yarn
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This is my minimal spark image (based on hadoop-2.4.0, scala-2.10.4)

Run the Containers

SSH keys Container

First we fire up the keys_host so that we can mount the .ssh volume in
spark container.

sudo docker run --name keyhost ezhaar/key-host

Spark Container

Now we run the Spark container

    sudo docker run -it \
    --volumes-from keyhost \
    --name spark-test \
    -h master.localdomain \
    --dns-search=localdomain \

  • -h sets the hostname and adds an entry in the /etc/hosts file.
  • --dns-search updates the /etc/resolve.conf for reverse DNS lookups.

Once the container has started, format the namenode the namenode, we are ready
to play with hadoop and spark.

# start hadoop and spark

Note: Make sure to verify the

Create a Spark Cluster on a Single Host

To create a spark cluster look at my

Docker Pull Command
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