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Utility image to perform a search and replace of text in a Git repository
Full Description

git search replace push

Generic utility to replace search strings in a git repository, push changes to a branch and raise a pull request (currently GitHub only)

This Dockerfile builds an image that will clone a git repo, search and replace string values provided via environment variables for specific file patterns, commit and push back the changes.


Example of replacing version numbers in all the pom files from the fabric8 quickstarts project

docker run -ti -e BRANCH_NUMBER=1 -e GIT_REPOSITORY_URL= -e FROM="<modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>" -e TO="<modelVersion>4.0.1</modelVersion>" -e GIT_USER_NAME=rawlingsj -e -e GIT_PASSWORD=mygitpassword -e INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN="pom.xml" fabric8/git-search-replace-push

Example of changing the version number in all mark down files except from the fabric8 project

docker run -ti -e BRANCH_NUMBER=1 -e GIT_REPOSITORY_URL= -e FROM="2.2.5" -e TO="2.2.6" -e GIT_USER_NAME=rawlingsj -e -e GIT_PASSWORD=mygitpassword -e INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN="*.md" -e EXCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN="" fabric8/git-search-replace-push

Configuration Variables

  • INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN - file pattern used to apply the search on
  • EXCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN - file pattern to exclude from the search
  • FROM - search text
  • TO - replace text
  • GIT_REPOSITORY_URL - repository to clone and commit back to
  • GIT_USER_NAME - git username
  • GIT_USER_EMAIL - git email address
  • GIT_PASSWORD - git password note: password is stored as clear text inside the docker image
  • BRANCH_NUMBER - a unique number in the scope of your git repository that will be appended to and form the branch name 'release$BRANCH_NUMBER'. Typical values could be a version or build number.


export $EXCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN=myprecious.xml
export $FROM="<myversion>1.0.0</myversion>"
export $TO="<myversion>2.0.0</myversion>"

export $GIT_USER_NAME=joe
export $
export $GIT_PASSWORD=myp4ssword!

export $BRANCH_NUMBER=1.0.1
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