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CI JSON Schema Generator for Kubernetes and OpenShift v3 Origin API Objects

rawlingsj/origin-schema-generator is a docker image used by the fabric8 project to automatically generate and test internals used to interact with OpenShift and Kubernetes API's.

The Schema Generator generates a JSON Schema based on updated go package dependencies from Origin and Kubernetes, which in turn is used to generate Java types in fabric8 representing each API and enables communication with both via REST at runtime. These API's are updated when a Kubernetes rebase occurs in OpenShift. fabric8 is required to generate its updated Java types, compile, run, unit test, integration test and if successuful submit a Pull Request on the fabric8 project.

This image is a building block towards Continuous Delivery for fabric8 aiming to automate the process when updating integration points of upstream projects.

  • trigger on updates to OpenShift v3
  • pull the latest Schema Generator
  • update Kubernetes and Origin pkg dependencies
  • generate new JSON schema
  • build kubernetes-model with new schema generating latest api
  • run fabric8 unit test suite
  • run fabric8 quickstart integration tests
  • release kubernetes-model to Maven Central not yet implemented
  • notify IRC of CI job result
  • if successful creates a PR for fabric8 to update to new kubernetes-model dependency - not yet implemented

To run...

You might want to 'prime' your registry by pullinf the integration test images before running.

docker pull openshift/jenkins-1-centos
docker pull fabric8/infinispan-server
docker run -p 8080:8080 -e GIT_REPO=rawlingsj -e QUICKSTART_GIT_REPO=rawlingsj -e FABRIC8_GIT_BRANCH=schema -e KUBERNETES_MASTER= -e KUBERNETES_TRUST_CERT=true  rawlingsj/origin-schema-generator

To view...

Follow what's going on, in your browser launch Jenkins and look at the build pipeline


Note, currently no volumes are mounted so if you start a new container Maven will download its Java dependencies again when compiling fabric8 with the new schema.

Job time is currently about 8 mins.

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