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Docker image of an IPOL demo server (
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Docker image of an IPOL demo server (

Contains an IPOL server for development and testing of demos.


The IPOL server is packaged as Docker image so it can easily be executed with the Docker run command.
This means that you don't need to download this repository, just install Docker for windows, mac, or linux and then run the following command. It will download the Docker image and start the IPOL server right away, compiling and running the demo stored in a local path \<path_to_app_dir>

docker run  -p 8080:8080  -t -i facciolo/ipol  -v <path_to_app_dir>:/ipol/app/mydemo

The server will be visible at and the server output will be shown in the console. To stop the server just press Ctrl-C in the console.

To access the shell of the virtual machine run

docker run  -p 8080:8080  -t -i facciolo/ipol  -v <path_to_app_dir>:/ipol/app/mydemo /bin/bash

and then launch the demo manually with

python /ipol/ build run

Keep in mind that changes to the files of the virtual machine (except for the directory mounted at /ipol/app/mydemo) are lost after closing the session.


Build an image from the Dockerfile in this directory

docker build -t facciolo/ipol .

List all images and containers

docker images -a

docker ps -a

Delete a docker image and containers

First remove any exited docker container

docker ps -a -f status=exited -q | xargs docker rm -v

then remove the image

docker rmi facciolo/ipol

More information about container/image cleanup to reduce disk usage

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