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Time series data visualization and graphing web application
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Facette is a web application to display time series data from various sources — such as collectd or Graphite — on graphs, designed to be easy to setup and to use. Check out to learn more about the project.

Container usage

Fetch the image:

docker pull facette/facette:<tag>

Prepare your Facette configuration:

mkdir -p ~/.facette/{etc,var}
mkdir -p ~/.facette/etc/providers

With <editor of your choice>, setup the ~/.facette/etc/facette.json and ~/.facette/etc/providers/* configuration files.

Run the container ([options] are options passed to the facette daemon):

docker run -d -v ~/.facette/etc:/etc/facette -v ~/.facette/var:/var/lib/facette -p 12003:12003 facette/facette:<tag> [options]

If you need the container to access local RRDtool files to use with the rrd connector, you can mount-bind their local directory on the host inside the container:

docker run -d -v ~/.facette/etc:/etc/facette:ro -v ~/.facette/var:/var/lib/facette -v /var/lib/collectd:/var/lib/collectd:ro -p 12003:12003 facette/facette:<tag> -L debug
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