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Fac is a general-purpose build system inspired by make that utilizes
ptrace to ensure that all dependences are enumerated and that all
source files are added to a (git) repo. An important feature of fac
is that it automatically handles dependencies, rather than either
complaining about them or giving an incorrect build. Currently, fac
only runs on linux systems, but on those systems it is incredibly easy
to use!

  • Fac automatically tracks build dependencies in a way that is
    independent of programming language. You are only required to
    specify the minimum of dependencies for each rule, and fac works out
    the rest for you. If you fail to specify dependencies, fac should
    still build successfully after enough tries, provided your build
    rules fail when dependencies are missing (rather than simply
    producing wrong output). Once fac has successfully built your
    project, it knows the dependencies of each command, and subsequent
    builds in that source tree will be the same as if you had specified
    all dependencies and all output.

  • Fac supports parallel builds.

  • You are forced to write your configuration in a language of your own
    choice. (Or conversely, you are not forced to use a language of
    my choice, much less a custom-built language that I developed.)

  • Integrates with git, to keep you from forgetting to git add a file
    that is needed for the build.

To find out more about fac, including benchmarks and complete
documentation, please visit the fac web page at:

Build and install

To build fac (assuming you have just cloned fac, and do not have an
older version of fac) just run

sh build/

This should build fac on an x86-64 linux system. You may be able to
use to build on freebsd (but it is likely
bit-rotted). You can then build an optimized version by running

./fac fac

To use fac, you can copy the fac binary into some location in your

Build dependencies and details

The most rare build dependency for fac is libpopt, which is included
in the libpopt-dev package in Debian-based distributions. In
addition, fac requires both python2 and python3 (something to
fix), and building the fac documentation (which is the default build
target) requires sass and python-markdown.

For more detail on building fac, see the
web page on building fac,
which is also in the fac repository as web/


Fac is free software, and is licensed under the GNU General Public
License, version 2 or later.

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