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Short Description
isc-dhcp server that automatically pulls it's config files from github or a url
Full Description

isc-dhcp in a docker

This image will fetch all dhcp config files from github or a url path and reload when it detects changes.

If checking out from Github you can perform a sparse checkout of the repo by supplying a GIT_PATH environment variable. This will be the directory checked out from the Github repo.

If you want to specify an interface besides eth0 set the INTERFACE environmnet variable to the interface you want the server to listen on and it will only listen on the given interface. Otherwise it will listen on all available interfaces.


Github checkout Example

docker run --restart=always --name isc-dhcp -e GITHUB_REPO="" -e GITHUB_SSH_KEY="`cat ~/.ssh/my_deploy_key`" -e GIT_PATH="/isc-dhcp" -e INTERFACES="eth0 eth1" -e REFRESH=300 factual/isc-dhcp

URL Example

docker run --restart=always --name isc-dhcp -e URL="" -e REFRESH=300 factual/isc-dhcp

Env Variables

Github Sync

  • GIT_BRANCH (default: master)

URL Sync

  • URL


  • REFRESH (default: 300)
  • INTERFACE (default: eth0)
Docker Pull Command
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